Access segregation for developers


We use Glide Pro and soon Business.
Our developers have created projects with different links for each one.

In view of the access to Glides databases on personal data, I would like the project to be associated with only certain developers.
To sum up, I’d like developer A to have access to project A and developer B to project B only.
Otherwise, do I have to pay Glide Pro twice?
Is this possible?


As of writing (early September 2023):

  • Team members can only be added and removed at the team level. Not at the app level within each team.
  • Team members can either be an “Admin” or a “Member”. The granularity of rights for each is limited for now. Both admins and members have the same rights when it comes to apps (creating, writing, editing, deleting, access settings). When it comes to the team itself, admins are co-owners, whereas members can be removed as a member by an admin.

To answer your question, as of now, what you are asking for is not possible. You would need two separate teams (and therefore two subscriptions) if you would like developer A to only access project A and developer B to only access project B.


Thank you for your reply!
It’s truly clear now. We’re overly sensitive to personal data management, and as a result, we’re going to be forced to take out 1 subscription per project, which quickly becomes expensive in the end. :frowning: :frowning:


I don’t have more insight into Glide’s roadmap than you, but somewhere I got the feeling that the dashboard was being revamped. I have no idea to what extent nor when new features to the dashboard would be released. My guess is that part of the new features would include more granular rights management.

If you do end by getting a subscription per project (currently per team), down the line if and when we see new features in the dashboard, you might be able the revert to putting multiple projects in one team. At that point the pricing might have changed.

I just use a lot of conditional, but I thought I’d share regardless as this information might be useful to you.

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By the way congratulations to your company. I work a lot in CRM tools and unfortunately I have access to a lot of personal identifiable information of people (name, email, phone number, profile information, behaviorial data). I wish I didn’t. I could do exactly the same work with the information being obscured. The tech is there, B2B software companies could do it, but they don’t, probably because their clients don’t request it and internally people don’t have the ethics to do the right thing. It’s up to the big guy to put in law the obscuration of personal identifiable information in B2B software.

I wish Glide would do it. Please obscure or anonymize data beyond protected columns. What a marketing campaign that would make too.

:pray: :pray: :pray: