Enhanced Team Space Access and Collaborative Features

Hello, Glide Team

As we prepare our application for launch, we are encountering difficulties with the team space access and the ability for more than one developer to work within Glide simultaneously. The ability for multiple developers to access Glide at the same time is crucial, especially when the application requires different types of developers to work concurrently.

Moreover, it is essential to have the capability to grant varying levels of access to team members working in the Glide workspace. For instance, a lead developer should have access to all tables and screens, while junior developers should only be able to create new screens and work within the screens and tables they have been granted access to. This is to prevent potential security issues and restrict unnecessary access to those who do not require it.

This feature is also significant in terms of data security and user page security. We look forward to your prompt attention to this matter.

Summary of Requested Features:

  1. Simultaneous access for multiple developers in Glide.
  2. Ability to grant different levels of access to team members based on their roles.
  3. Restriction of access to certain screens and tables for junior developers to prevent security issues.
  4. Enhanced data security and user page security.

Thank you!

especially, only the admin should be able to delete and copy apps. If you work with freelance, they could do a lot of harm

That’s a point, to have an access levels, to provide only app you need and pages with tables only to some roles, to make it possible for expanding developing team without any security concerns

@david @Mark

As Glide has become more feature-rich enabling more complicated Apps, is there any plan to enable multi-developer access to an app? Nothing Atlassian - but in the Glideway - elegant and efficient.

The current method of booting the first developer out of the App builder if another developer access the App in the builder (at least that appears to be the method) is not ideal.

Something like a visual indicator in the top menu for active developers (circle with initial like the community page) and hand-off or check out for write aspects of the App.


Limit access to 1 developer for (e.g. the simple check-out for write model):
-access the data editor for data table changes (but multiple can read/update data items)
-access a Navigation TAB/MENU for write (but multiple can read/test)

Plus build in chat within the Glide Editor to enable real-time conversation among the dev team within and across Apps.

Regards - Matt

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