Delete row and send email

Is it possible to set up a Zap that sends an email once a row has been deleted?

You could set up a custom action, on a button for example, that does a delete row action as well as a webhook action, or whatever you need to call your zap.

I should’ve said, I’ve done that but it didn’t work.

As in the row would not delete and only half of the values were picked up in the zap.
So I received the email but it was missing information from the row, yet the row was still visible.

In what order did you do the actions? I would assume that it would be best to send the email first, then delete the row. Especially if the zap is using values from the row that is being deleted. You also may want to insert a Wait or Wait for Condition action in-between the actions, so you can be assured that the first action is complete before the next action executes.

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Thanks Jeff - how would I add the wait condition? Not heard of that before!

I’d tried actions in both orders (with send email first and also with delete the row first) but it still didn’t come out right.

It’s an action, just like any other action.

I have a Classic Glide App so I don’t think we’ve been granted this function

That’s true. It’s only available in Glide Apps, not Classic Apps.

However, your original problem should be solved if you set up an action that sends the email first, then delete the row.

If it doesn’t work, please send us some screenshots or a video.