Zapier fails to trigger after deleting a sheet row

Hello everyone,

Hope I am not double posting on this fabulous Forum (I have already learned so much thanks to you guys).

My issue is as follow :

  • I have an action triggered by a button “delete event”

  • this action is supposed to delete the spreadsheet row and send a zap trigger to find/delete the event created by another zap

  • Unfortunately, when the zap is triggered : the event cannot be found on the spreadsheet. I have the feeling it has been deleted in the spreadhsheet before the zap gets triggered.

Would you know a way around ?
I was thinking of triggering the row deletion with a zap, however i heard, it creates a blank row. My formulas are ARRAY based.

Thanks a lot !

If your Zap is deleting the row, why do you also need the delete row Glide action?
Sounds like you’re trying to delete the same row twice.

As far as the holes in your spreadsheet goes, that will definitely happen when you use the Glide Delete Row action. Not sure about Zapier (I don’t use it), but I suspect not.

Thanks a lot for your reply,

My zap is (supposedly) deleting the google calendar event only
The action delets the row in the google sheet.

ah, I see.
Apologies, my bad. I didn’t read properly.

Only thing I can suggest is going with your idea of doing both with Zapier. Have you tried that?

First of all, I have to tell that I was wrong thinking that triggering a delete row with zapier would destroy my ARRAYFORMULA.

It looks like the path to follow then.

However, here is my issue now : THe Zap halted : The google Calendar Find Step reports an error now. The app returned “Not Found”.

The row deletion completed but not the calendar one due to missing Item.
Is this the same source of the issue ?

How are you telling Zapier to search for the event? What criteria did you use?

Hello !
Sorry for my late reply,

I use a Find event step indeed :

I use the first cell of my colum (Brew name) to look for the event

then I use the name of the event from google calendar (found by zapier).

However in the test phase, i realize that I have the following error message :
We’re having trouble loading ‘Event’ data (The app returned “Not Found”.)

It is weird because the event exists in the calendar :
Capture d’écran 2021-11-11 005923


Shouldn’t you be able to choose the event from the search step? What’s your “description” field there linked to?

Hi !

Normally yes,
I put the field “Name of the event” as value 1 in the field.
However, it fails to find it

I mean what does the dropdown in the delete event step show when you click on it?


Here it is :

Thanks a lot for your help !

When you click the “Event” tab instead of the “Custom” do you have an option to choose from the event found in the second step?

Unfortunately not
despite the fact that all the steps test cleared successfully.

This is weird. I would try running a test from the 2nd module downwards and check again if you can actually select from the screenshot above. Else I have no further input…