Action: Delete row in calendar list


I have created a reservation system where I show upcoming reservations and I want enable cancelation functionality. I want the user to cancel the reservation by tapping on the reservation so that row gets deleted from the Sheets. But the action is not working. I also tried creating a custom action where it also sends an email. Both ways its not working. Any help?

to send a triggered email… it will required a triggered script … to delete a row use Glide action

@Uzo I suppose you are referring to custom action right? Even with simple Action > Delete row as show in the image, its not working. But all other actions are working.

delete row is not working? maybe you are not in the same sheet when ordering that action… you have selected “this item”

from the image you post, is hard to figure what is going on

ohh ok here is the full image.

Yeah delete row is not working but other actions are working. Its inline list in calendar style.

is it a first row? and it is a Glide table or GS?

No its not first row and its on Google Sheets

if delete row is not working… it means there is no row… you might be referring to a GS sheet which have no data yet

Surprisingly Add row works and it duplicates the same data in a new row.

but it is deleting data in GS?

No, it remains unclickable. I was trying the approach in the room reservation Glide template. it is same. Delete row not working. The goal is to create a cancelation option in the app for the reservation. Any other way you suggest?

hold on… Do you mean you cant click to delete or is not deleting? two totally different problems

Sorry I should have been clear, Can’t click to delete therefore can’t row is also not deleting from GS

if you cant click… it will not delete… so the problem is you cant click???


hmm… i never use calendar to delete row… let me make sample … i will get back to you in 10 min

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yes… you discovered new bug… it can’t be done on calendar list, when i switch to inline list it will delete…
so what you can do for now in calendar list, is to have action to show details… and in that screen have a button to delete that event… it works… i just test it… and you can add conditions to that button … like confirm… so it make sense that you redirect to new screen


Yes it works just updated it. Thank you so much ! @Uzo !!

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