Delay in updating data

Hello everyone, I make an inquiry.
I hope I can explain myself well. I have 5 applications that control inventory in 5 different warehouses. so you don’t have to pay for the pro plan. use free accounts in all, since it is a test. The information of the five applications I unify in a master application. Which only brings information of all deposits and in turn all can see in real time the partial stock of each of the deposits. The idea is that information is shared in real time. In order not to have an overstock since they have internal logistics and are in the same city-
to the master application, the information comes through importrange - it works great. That is, I am in the application of deposit two, I make the modification of stock and it is reflected in the master app.
So far so good, everything works.
The problem was with importrange that did not update the sheet until it was opened. I fixed it with a script-
All the spreadsheets have the same script so every one minute the information is updated.
It happens that I make the modification, and the change is immediately reflected in the worksheet of the master application. (I thought the importrange would be delayed)
But Glide doesn’t update it. Today I did a test and it was an hour and a half without updating the information that it already has loaded in the spreadsheet of that application.
I gave it Refresh and update it instantly.
I tried with a Pro account and it took me more than two minutes to change the data.
Do you have any idea why you may have this Glide delay?
Has something similar happened to them?
the last test with the Pro account
Greetings, Dario!


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