Delay in generation of image URL in glide table

My App/Pages Support link:

Describe the bug:
In the above URL, on filling details, and uploading an image to the form, on clicking submit, user is redirected to whatsapp API URL. this API also contains URL to the uploaded image.
On clicking submit, I have specified an action to redirect to whatsapp API
the whatsapp API URL is being generated in the glide table itself.

However, when I click on submit and get redirected to whatsapp, the image URL is missing from the whatsapp message. It is present in the spreadsheet where the URL is being generated

Expected Behaviour:
the whatsapp message should have the URL in it

How to replicate:
Open the form
fill details, upload an image
click on submit
get redirect to whatsapp
Notice that the image URL is empty


Can you show us how you are setting up the URL? I’m not sure if the image link is encoded correctly for WhatsApp to “read” it.

I assume you’re using a native form here, I think an alternative is to use a custom form, if the problem actually lies in Glide’s slowness in generating the link.

This is a Glide Apps concept, but you can adapt it to Glide Pages.

@ThinhDinh , the image link is encoded correctly I guess because the image URL shows up all items if I access the glide table. it’s only in the frontend flow which does not have the URL some times.

URL column is built using template column:

Template column is built using img URL replacements (attaching this file in next comment since I am not allowed to upload more than one file per comment)

the URL shows up on the WhatsApp message if the file size is ~100kb. for anything higher, there is a chance that the URL does not show up. The workaround I have found is introducing an intermediate overlay screen which ensures that the image is uploaded by that time

Template column:

I just tried again and I can see the image link here. Can you reproduce the error now?

Yeah - I had the same observation, the issue seems to be intermittent and always comes up when image sizes are heavy and only sometimes when the file sizes are small.

the file size I uploaded was 180kb

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That’s weird. I would try to reproduce that in a video and send it to the support team so they can have a deeper look.

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