Image created by Jotform is not presented in glide

My app’s URL:

hi Gliders,

I have a form in Jotform which update a sheet and my app is built on it and it works great, every new submmission is presented i glide.

my only problem is that one of my form field is a signature that is being save in the sheet as Image and for some reason Glide is not being able to read and present the image?

any one have an idea why?
here is an example of the link image created by the jotform and how it’s being saved to the sheet:

another thing is that I can’t also use the image function to display the link as well so maybe it’s the same problem.

any idea on why and how to fix will be awsome.


This is what I get when I follow that link. It may be your issue.

Permission you mean?

That might be the issue. I’d try that first.

To thought about it but can’t find anything in jotforms documentation about sharing permission

I took a quick google, found this. It might help you get what you want.

I saw this. It’s no longer available. They only do this for enterprise.