Issue viewing jpegs and click through to google forms

Hi, I appear to have an issue with one of my apps. It’s a free app with password protection. I can log in, but then I get presented with what appear to be broken links to jpegs. These connect to a series of google forms for data input. But when conencting through I get a message from Google Drive telling me I can’t access as it violates the Terms of Service.

If I access the app via the glide dashboard it works and allows me through to the forms. My end user reported this problem (a small fitness studio). She uses the app to add/delete students and top up classes etc.

I’m a bit stuck - any help from the community would be very helpful.


Where do you store your images?

They sit in the same folder as the Google sheets and forms in my drive

Just to confirm, have you shared the images publicly?

If you have done so, and the bug still persists, can you try moving those images to Glide’s storage?

Yes, they appear fine in the glide dashboard version of the app.

That’s one issue, but the other is the “violation of Google terms”!

Do you have a link so we can test?

I’ve messaged you

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