Deep Links / Links to New Screen

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to understand how Deep Links (or Link to screens) work.

I want to develop cards that would link to different sections of the app through links (or deep links) to specific screens (will add the relevant row IDs). My experiments so far fail, as the links (at least in the desktop mode) load in new tabs and not within the app.

Is what I’m looking for possible?

Thanks a lot!

Deep links aren’t meant to navigate within the app from one section to another. They are meant to be a link that you share to others, so they can navigate into the app.

Linking to a screen works differently depending on if you select ‘Show Detail Screen’ or ‘Show New Screen’, and whether or not you pick ‘This Item’ or a specific table, or a relation, etc.

It really depends on what exactly you are trying to do, but in general, I think attempting to use deep links is not the correct approach if you are already inside of the app.


Thanks a lot Jeff.

I think that I can find a workaround with a new details page then.