Deep Link to another screen WITHIN the app

Hi. I am looking to deep link to another screen WITHIN the app. I used ‘link to current screen’ as the destination and used ‘open link’ as the action, but the action only has the option to open the link in a webview or browser, not within the app.

Thanks for the help

I wouldn’t use deep links to navigate within the app. That’s not how they are meant to be used. You should be using ‘Go to Tab’, ‘Show New Screen’ or ‘Show Detail Screen’ with inline lists, buttons, or other components that allow actions. You can use these with or without relations. It all really depend on what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Thanks. I could use the workaround where, through a relation and lookup column, I could pull in all the details on the screen I am trying to link to and then re-create that screen as a ‘detail’ screen here. But I was wondering if there is a way to do it without having to re-create that existing screen already available within the app.

By the way, the screen I am trying to link to is also a detail screen so I can’t use the ‘go to tab’ action

If you already have a single relation to that detail record. Then you should be able to use the Show Detail Screen action and have it reference the relation instead of the entire table.