Deep Link to another screen WITHIN the app

Hi. I am looking to deep link to another screen WITHIN the app. I used ‘link to current screen’ as the destination and used ‘open link’ as the action, but the action only has the option to open the link in a webview or browser, not within the app.

Thanks for the help

I wouldn’t use deep links to navigate within the app. That’s not how they are meant to be used. You should be using ‘Go to Tab’, ‘Show New Screen’ or ‘Show Detail Screen’ with inline lists, buttons, or other components that allow actions. You can use these with or without relations. It all really depend on what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Thanks. I could use the workaround where, through a relation and lookup column, I could pull in all the details on the screen I am trying to link to and then re-create that screen as a ‘detail’ screen here. But I was wondering if there is a way to do it without having to re-create that existing screen already available within the app.

By the way, the screen I am trying to link to is also a detail screen so I can’t use the ‘go to tab’ action

If you already have a single relation to that detail record. Then you should be able to use the Show Detail Screen action and have it reference the relation instead of the entire table.


Deeplinks within the app would provide a good way to have a central screen to modify. Rather than making a new screen repeatedly that involves multiple steps of rework if a screen is updated.

This way you could clone it within the app just from the deeplink

That’s actually a terrible way to navigate through an app because bigger modifications to your app can cause urls to change unexpectedly.

New Screens will give you a new fresh screen to design. Detail screens will always be linked to the table and shared throughout your app. There’s other techniques based on your specific use case, but if you are having to redesign the same screen multiple times, then it’s possible that the best methods aren’t being used.


I totally understand that, the use case is a screen that acts as the main screen for the row (over 200 columns of data), but then within that screen I am constantly adding new features that get requested. So within that screen if it would update the new features across all the “links” to that screen thru the app.

There are numerous item clicks that lead back to this “screen” of data throughout the app, i.e. calendar components when click, kanban when click. Currently I have to copy and paste whenever there is an update.

How do you typically navigate to that screen? Do you use the ‘Show New Screen’ or the ‘Show Detail Screen’ action?

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I have a main jobs center screen that just provides a search function to search thru hundreads of work orders. This pulls up a searched collection based on word order number, then when you click it opens a custom screen fulfilled with the work order details in a combination of conditional buttons with custom actions, progress indicators, important dates, templated info fields, other direct fields, files, images etc.

Back to my question, when. you click on a collection item…

Sorry Jeff! It is the show new screen action that I am using

If you use ‘Show Detail Screen’ then the design will forever be linked to the table, so whenever you change the design in one spot, that same design will be reflected everywhere else you use ‘Show Detail Screen’ to get to that same screen. That’s because the design is linked to the table.

Each time you use ‘Show New Screen’, that actually gives you a new screen with an independent design layout.

Only use ‘Show New Screen’ if you have an existing Detail screen, but need something with a separate layout.

I should also note that one loophole is that if you create a custom action that contains the ‘Show New Screen’ action, then it should actually reuse that same new screen every time you call the same custom action.

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