Deactivated original Google account, now app won't write new rows

So I finally got around to deactivating my Google Workspace for a business I closed down a couple years ago. I didn’t realize that my glide app I still use everyday for my other business was originally made while logged into that account. Now the app still acts like it’s working and I can access the data source spreadsheet but no new rows are being written. How do I fix this? I was thinking of transferring ownership of the spreadsheet to a non-obsolete google account but it looks like I did that a few months ago. I have other non-obsolete glide accounts shared on the team as admins for this app. Any prompt help would be much appreciated.

I think I solved it by logging into Google drive with the current google account, duplicating the spreadsheet, then logging into Glide and changing the source sheet to the new one.


Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue by duplicating the spreadsheet and switching the data source in Glide! That’s a clever approach.

For future reference, deactivating the Google Workspace account that created the Glide app can indeed cause limitations, especially with adding new data. It’s always best to ensure your Glide app uses a Google account that will remain active.

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