Datetime does not get updated when using the app from browser

I have a datetime picker which does not update the time as a default 00:00 if the time is not manually updated. This happens only in the browser. If the same datetime picker is updated via the phone app, it reflects on the app even when the time is left off. It takes the time as the current phone time.

How do I rectify this?

Would appreciate some suggestions @Mark @George_B @Jeff_Hager

Sounds like something that would need to be answered by the Glide team. Sorry I can’t help.

have u try to use the other browser from other pc/laptop?
date picker is pick from laptop/pc date, may be there is something wrong from date on your pc/laptop.

If you don’t care about time, then I would just use the date picker instead of the datetime picker. If you are trying to include the current time, then I would not rely on the browser’s version of the datetime picker.
It’s just weird and ugly. The picker is actually the browser’s or the OS’s datetime selection tool. I don’t think it’s determined by Glide how it shows up or functions. The picker is going to look and function differently on a computer browser vs Android vs IOS. Since we are building phone apps, I wouldn’t worry so much about the picker’s functionality in the computer browser, but pay more attention to how it works on the phone.

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