Bug with Date/Time Picker?

There appears to be a random bug with the date/time picker. We are on the legacy app and the users that have reported the issue are finding it present on mobile iOS. I realize this is not supported by Glide tech support so I am posting here to see if anyone has experience with this issue and if they resolved it.

They are finding that the time picker is not always available to scroll up/down to select the applicable times.

Do you have a video of the problem? If it’s a component problem then I doubt we can get support to do anything about that since it’s Legacy.


Youtube 2

Sorry, I haven’t seen this behaviour before. Does it work normally on other devices?

yes, works all the time on android and most of the time on iOS

Given that it’s happening only some of the time on iOS, and it’s a legacy app, I don’t see the team addressing this one.

If the issue persists or gets worse, best bet might be changing the input method.

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Thank you. I see that there is another date/time picker to choose from. Are you aware of any bugs or issues with that picker like there is with this one?