Date-time value wrong on submit or when trigger webhook?

I have a edit form, with a custom action “on submit”. The custom action triggers a webhook. At the receiving end it looks like this (I have omitted non-relevant data):

“appID”: “dCYnVyHa5F9ZpCZsJzSB”,
“params”: {
:lock: Row ID”: {
“type”: “string”,
“value”: “a9879GvTQoOUExgBDx4MTQ”
“T-J”: {
“value”: “2022-06-20T20:19:27.085Z”,
“type”: “date-time”
“idempotencyKey”: “rqVPkRC9S-e.1qF.df7mrw”,
“timestamp”: “2022-06-20T13:19:31.991Z”,
“hookKind”: “app-action”

Notice the two date-time value “T-J” and “timestamp”. I am at zone GMT+7. So the timestamp is correct. “T-J” value should have been the same but is wrong in the TZD.

As I am still working in the emulator, my question is: is there a setting that I should attend to, or is this an error in the JSON data generator? Thanks in advance!

PS: the T-J value is set “on submit” of edit form, as a “Current date/time” column.

Are you using Integromat to receive the webhook value?

If yes, what timezone are you setting for your account?

Hi Thinh! I am not using Integromat. There is no agent between the Glide app and the webhook that receives the request.