Hour sent with webhook changes by the time it gets to Glide table


I have a booking form. I am using a webhook on a WordPress form and zapier to submit the form and add it to glide table, since the last update of Glide, the hour is 1 hour less than submitted, let’s say they submitted booking for 6:30 pm, on glide it says 5:30 pm. The column is set to not respect time zone. Is this a known bug for this version? I can verify this simply by comparing the hour I have on WordPress (it saves all the form entries) and the one that was submitted from Zapier, to the one that I see on glide. Needless to say this is a huge headache to have to track all the bookings and verify the time.

Is there a date attached to that time? Are you placing it into a date type column in Glide? Are you possibly experiencing an hour difference due to daylight savings if the underlying date with that time is a date outside of daylight savings? When did you start to notice this?

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Yes, it’s a date and time and it goes into date and time column, it worked flawlessly till yesterday, I can even tell you the approximate hour, seems like it started going wrong after the last release (I refreshed the page to get the latest glide version). There hasn’t been any daylight saving changes in the past 48 hours…Thanks @Jeff_Hager