Dates and times are off in Webhook

My dates and times are incorrect when I use a webhook to pass the data to Integromat.

In the Glide table, my dates & times are showing properly.


I pass the field in my webhook


But when I receive the data in the Integromat webhook, the date & time is incorrect.

Also in the Google Sheet, the date & time is displaying correctly.

Looks like you’re getting hit by the timezones here. What timezone are you in?

Applying something like:

formatDate(date; date format; UTC)

will likely do the trick here.

Glide uses a default timezone of UTC+0 when they pass the date to your Sheet, that’s the most likely cause for this.

Thanks, I’ll give this a try.

Here are their tokens for formatting date & time.

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I’d also advise checking your Integromat Time Zone settings (Profile → Time Zone Options)

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That’s the default if you don’t pass a timezone in the 3rd argument, so it looks like Michael is in GMT+12.