Wrong Date/Time formatting (with Zapier)

Hey everyone! Need some help with formatting date/time. I’m building an events app and as a workaround, I’ve decided to use Zapier to connect Glide with my company’s slack for events to be announced to everyone.

All other values I want to be included in the message works fine except the date and time. It’s always in this format: 2020-04-15T11:30:00.000Z.

This is despite me using Formatter to convert the value to what I need.

This is how the message pops up in Slack:

Looks like a time zone issue.

How do I fix that?

This is what the date looks like in Glide (highlighted):

I am sorry, but can you clarify what exactly is your issue?
Is it the difference in time (10:00 and 11:30) or the fact that it is formatted with a T and a Z?

My apologies for not being clear.

I’m building an events app where users can send event invitations to Slack (via Zapier). All the other values come out correctly, except the date and time.

The date currently is formatted as 2020-04-15T11:30:00.000Z.
I would like the date and time to be formatted as DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm when it shows up on Slack.

Here is the message currently:

You have to format it in Zapier using Formatter.

I have:

Is this the correct order?:

The order is correct.
Did you run the Test in step 2?

Switch on this ZAP and run another test.

Update: I have found out the issue. Turns out I had to change the value in the ‘Message Text’ field from the Glide Value 2 to the Formatter Value 2 that I created in Step 2. All this time I was wrongly using Value 2 from Glide. See below.

That’s right.

You never showed the details of the 3rd step in your ZAP. :slight_smile:

My fault :smile:

Thanks for your help.