Date/Time on iPhone

Hi all, not categorizing this as a bug (yet) but I feel like something isnt right with the inline list as a calendar on an iphone. I see plenty of commentary around dates and times not working as expected between timezones but this is different. I have a calendar on my landing page which shows events. When I view the app in the builder everything is fine (or on an android device). However, when I view the exact same app on my iphone I see the date is the day prior and the time is an hour earlier. I have double checked the location settings on my sheet and on my iphone to ensure they’re all the same and correct. I’m sure that they are. When I look at the raw data (date/time) in the google sheet or in the glide table directly, its the correct date and time being stored but somehow its being changed or converted on the published app on my phone. I’ve put quite a bit of effort into the development of the app so would really appreciate some feedback. Even if someone were to say its a confirmed bug I could stop trying ot fix it. A workaround would also be great if anyone has one!

Many thanks in advance. Very much appreciate peoples help with this. Its keeping me awake at night currently! (well kinda).

the time/date is based on value from google sheet or glide table?

Hey. Thanks for the reply. Not sure what you mean? There’s a date/time picker in the app when I create the event. It appears to store correctly in both the google sheet and glide table. However, when i show the event in the calendar list….the day and time are both incorrect (but only on my iPhone - not the builder or android). Thanks again

did you check time zone settings in google sheets and your iPhone?

Hey. Yeah I did. As I said, it’s only impacting my iphone. All other devices are showing correctly. And my region is set properly on the phone too. Strange one which makes me think it could be a bug.

Hi @david. Would you know if this is something I’m doing wrong on my end? Many thanks