📆 Date/time formats

@Daniel_Lozano couldn’t get it to work, unfortunately… but I can wait for a fix. Thanks for helping out.

@Mark if it helps, I recorded a test post on my phone and you can see how the timestamp initially displays but quickly disappears after a few seconds. Thanks again!


This should be fixed later today.

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Lol! I agree with you on that @Rosewebstudio

Hi @Mark Please when will be unnecessary to have dates in US format??

Hope soon is close. Thanks!!

Probably Tuesday.

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Thank you so much! I had posted about this yesterday, requesting this feature. It’s no longer displaying 24-hr format for user upon clicking on calendar event. Appreciate it!

Have you guys noticed too how Sheets displays the calendar? So in Glide, it displays the correct date that I entered in Sheets: April 2, 2020. But in Sheets, it reverses the month and day to show it like this. I know this isn’t a Glide issue, but kind of confusing…


So…in data editor with the… if then column… when …if date is within today… it takes dates 4 March instead today 3 Abril.

It is supposed this will be consequently working ok probably on Tuesday.

Right @Mark ??


The same thing happened to @kyleheney with my Meet With Me app:

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I’m having a Date/Time issue.

I have a Choice Component that has the user selecting a date field ---- the sheet where the choices are stored is recognizing this column as a Date field in the Editor.

When the user submits a response and the Date field is recorded using a “Column” component to capture the selected date, the response is recorded in a text format and not a date format. In the Editor, my Responses sheet then displays this field as a text column and not a date column. Because of this, I cannot apply a date filter to the responses, as it’s recognized as a text field and not a date field.

If I change the formatting in my spreadsheet for the Date column on my Responses sheet, it updates the current values to a Date format, but anything submitted afterwards gets inserted into my sheet as a piece of text (i.e. 'March 31, 2020).

Right. I noticed this too.

Yep… Also for graph, same problem.

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll look into it.

@Christophe_HK What do you mean “graph”?

Glide lets you create new columns now and define the type right away in the data tab. Looks like you can plug in a date and it’s recognized as a date. Try that once.

Unless it’s how you have the date formatted in the choice component. I just tried typing a date in a text box and that seemed fine, but it looked like this ‘3/14/2020 20:55:00’

I saw that! I had to do a double take and wonder if I had missed that all along.

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I had seen it in staging the other day. I was surprised that it was in production.

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Hi @Mark,

In my gsheet, I have set all dates using the UI format as advised, even if my app is French (and so dd/mm/yyyy instead of mm/dd/yyyy).

In the data editor, I see my date column and I apply the “short” dat (only) format. It appears correctly in the dd/mm/yyyy format. That’s ok, and alo OK when the date is displayed by text components within my app.

But, using a bar chart, I noticed a bug : dates format is not managed correctly. See hereafter what happens :


Displayed as “text”, the date is correct, I mean in the expected format (dd/mm/yyyy). But using graph, US format…

There’s probably a way to work around this problem, by casting these dates as text in the correct format. But my app is going to be full of data soon, so if I can avoid to add non necessary data in the sheet, it would be better for me…

Anyway, I dont put lot of pressure for this problem, it’s not so critical : I can explain to end users.


I see the bug. We’ll fix it. Thank you for reporting!


Hi @Mark,

There have been issues with Date/Time formats for the last few days. It’s causing some serious issues with an app I’m relying on for scheduling purposes. Formats are getting changed, seemingly for no reason. My Sheet’s array formulas aren’t even able to get the formatting corrected in the sheet, which is leading to relations not matching, etc etc.

Can someone look at this asap? I’d be happy to provide access to my app to an admin who can look at the issues through a private message (as the app has private information).

Thank you


I have the same problem, my date format is DD/MM/YYYY in the first picture using calendar the date is displayed with MM/DD/YYYY the second picture it is correctly displayed.