Send google calendar invites is unreachable! Looks like google has an API for such tasks.

Anybody tried that?

I think the agical link still works. It just doesn’t have a front page. I just tried and if you feed it the right parameters it still gives you an ics file to download.

I’d use a Google Calendar add-on. I’ve used ones like event-o-matic to automatically create calendar events/invites to the user.

We’ve piloted integration with Google Calendar in our (mobile app for housing rent for Russian market). An owner can schedule a time slot, and a possible renter can book a visit. I create the task in a calendar and after renter chooses a time slot he is added as a guest. I’m going to share new version with this function next week. Developed in G-Suite with Google Script.

My bookme app uses Zapier integration to allow user to add to calendar.

@Robert_Petitto I just tried your app + Zap and I haven’t received an invite. Is that active or just there for demo purposes? I’m going to add something similar to my booking app, but I’m going to add the ability to add participants now that the Zapier action can support so many fields.

That being said, do you know if I can send an array to Zapier as a single field? I’m thinking of getting people to enter individual emails into an array and then use that column as a Zapier field for the “To” addresses in the invite.

Hm. I’ll look at it. It should be working…just tested it yesterday. Stay tuned!

Ya…it works:

So it sent the invite to you? My expectation was that sending an invite would send it to me

It does. I sent that one to myself :grin:

Hm…is your name Kyle? If so…I had the Zap error out because it didn’t have the End Time configured correctly. I’ll take a look.

Try again. Can you also create a brand new meeting so I can see your entry?

Will do. And yes, that was me


Awesome…for whatever reason, your first date came through with date/month reversed…European format?

I’m in Canada but who knows what may have happened.

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Hi Jeff.

I’ve had a good look at and have managed to create a string to send to it based upon some fields in a simple app however the time it adds within the ical event is 1hr out. I’m assuming this is a timezone issue and british summer time thing?
Here’s how my string looks at the moment.

Their website does have an example string which I did try and it worked so I based my string from this example:{{company.Account Owner First Name}}&organizer=Sandy&reminder=45&location=Sandy%27s%20Desk&dtstart=2016-10-26T15:00:00-04:00&dtend=2016-10-26T16:00:00-04:00&attach=

I know there’s many ways to achieve syncing but this option seems simple if I can get it to work!

I honestly haven’t used agical myself, so I don’t know the ins and outs of it. It’s just something I found while helping someone look for a solution. And with that it looks like it was some side project for whoever created it.

These are the only other agical related posts in the forum. Maybe there will be more information there.


I just found this (by the guy that wrote it). There’s lots of good info here, but the caveat is still that there’s no company behind it, so it could disappear whenever. Well, I guess even a company can disappear whenever. (Glideapps, please don’t disappear!)