Date is disapearing on Zapier Trigger action

Hi Glidders !
I created an booking app for a customer but I’m facing an issue.
I added date picker value (date and hours) on a Zapier Trigger action.

Up to last week Zapier could collect the date and share it with Zapier but it doesn’t work anymore.
It is as if Zapier couldn’t read the date value.
Data sharing works with other values works than date on Zapier Trigger actions.

Does anyone know how may I solve this issue ?

Hey @elvirabtny. Bummer. Please raise and ticket, here. One of our talented support team can take a look at this for you.

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Does sound like a bug to me. I assume you’re using a datetime picker and then on-submit action being a Zapier trigger?

Exactly ! Glide keeps the date but doesn’t share it with Zapier anymore.

Please submit a ticket using the link Tom provided.

Is this still happening? Could we get a support link for an app where this happens?

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I submitted a ticket at the early morning.

I’ll check this tonight to see whether or not the issue is persisting and I’ll tell you.

Apparently, it works again. It seemed to be a technical issue. Thanks !


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