Error with Zapier


The Zapier action suddenly stopped working. Nothing changed at the end of Zapier and nothing in Glide. In the following printscreen you can see the bad request:

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-06-21 om 22.38.54

Any idea what this could be, before I submit a support ticket?

Can you check if there are any problems with the payload that you send to Zapier?

I’ve never used Zapier, but perhaps there are logs on its side that can help you debug further?

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Zapier has zero logs about this, as the data never reaches the workflows in Zapier.

This one was a success: Dropbox Capture
This one failed: Dropbox Capture


No idea why, but the connection within the Glide action with the Zap was gone. The Zap wasn’t selected anymore. I couldn’t have deselected it manually, as it is selected in 36 actions, but it’s now working after reassigning the 36 actions to the Zap.

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That’s a pain. Assuming you didn’t make any changes on both sides, that would be a bug. I haven’t used Zapier for a long time, but I swear there were things that would make it behave like you described if you make changes on Zapier, but I can’t remember what it is.

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