Trigger zap with a date change

Hi All,

I am planning on getting an expert to look at this as I’ve had a really good experience with one of the Glide Experts, however in the meantime someone here might be able to answer this…

So I have (with help!) build a basic reminder app, however I would like to set up a Zap that is triggered based on a date occurring as oppose to on a button being clicked by a user. Is this possible?

i.e. a user selects to receive their reminders via email on a certain day each week…

Let me know your thoughts



Regardless of what you decide to carry out your idea, you must remember that your application must be running to trigger your reminder.

If so, I think your idea is possible.


If you store the relevant data in Google Sheets, you can check the right column and trigger based on that value.

You can run Make scenarios/Zaps on a schedule to do that check.