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Hi, i have a ‘Date and Time’ component set-up in one Layout Page, that when i choose a date & time entry (ususally as if wanting entry logged for ‘now’ entry) does link back and update a relevant row/column cell, as part of a particular ‘Data Table’, which is fine. However, this same ‘Date Table’, is itself a link from an external Excel (Sharepoint) worksheet, but does not correspondingly update with the same Date & Time entry showing in the linked Glide Data Table, of the row/column cell - why not or what have i not done or accounted for (hope this makes sense) ?

Thanks in advance to any reply :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you add some screenshots of the problem? Or a video record using Loom? Thank you.

Sure, first pic shows sample of fictional person and address, with the a ‘Date & Time’ selection done. The second pic show how it popualtes a ‘Data Table’ column/row cell it is meant to link too. The Thrid pic shows how this has not auto populated the linked and imported Excel Sharepoint worksheet that made the Glide ‘Data Table’ from the second pic. I think what is actually happening is that the ‘Date & Time’ i select in the Layout, fills the ‘field’ and oonly briefly appears in it and then it disappears when going out of the screen, so in turn only briefly appears in the date table as well. So first of all i need the ‘Date & Time’ chosen to stay in the ‘Date Table’ after entry, but not really to stay in the field of the Layout field (i.e. reset itself to blank, but not affect the ;Data Table entry until a new ‘Date & Time’ chosen - does this make sense ?


Sorry, it seems like there’s only image attached to your comment. Can you post the other images?

True, but thinking about it, not sure it helps. However, let me explain it a little differently after looking at it a bit more, using the screen shot previouly shown, when i choose a ‘Date and Time’ in a Detail Screen, in populates the relevant linked Date Table, BUT only for a few seconds and then disappears, why would this be and why will it not stick and stay as such on ‘Submit’, until an new entry is warranted - Can you help ?

That doesn’t really make sense, because Submit buttons belong on forms, and a details screen is not a form.

So the obvious follow up question is - where does this submit button come from, and what action/s does it perform?

:thinking: but the ‘Date and Time’ function is a ‘Form Element’ is it not and the ‘Submit’ button input only to use as sort of ‘i have completed’ what i need to input. The button has an ‘Action’ to go back to a previous screen upon 'tapping/clicking it. Basically for now, to keep things simple (for me :face_with_peeking_eye:, whilst i try to understand knowledge around this) how best to have a component in the example ‘Screenshot’ layout page, where i want to input a value (to represent a value entry, not an actual payment function per se) and another component (if needed) where by their entries would both link back to a Data Table (kind of know how to do the link back) but also have a ‘Submit’ type button that upon hitting it, does not wipe their entries from the Date Table, until next time new entries done ?

ah, I see. I think we are tripping over terminology. When you said Submit button, I assumed that you were referring to something like this :point_down:
CleanShot 2023-09-21 at 00.07.54@2x

But you were actually referring to this, yes? :point_down:

CleanShot 2023-09-21 at 00.08.21@2x

That’s all a bit confusing, sorry.
But let’s take a step back, just so that my understanding so far is clear. Is the following statement correct?

You open the date picker, select a date, and when you close the date picker by clicking OK, the date you selected does not appear.

Assuming the above is correct, can you please show me:

  • The configuration of your Date Picker component
  • The column in the Data Editor that the Date Picker is targeted at

Upon selecting a ‘Date and Time’ using the date picker element/component, it does appear as and entry (as can be seen in in frist pic attached, example from my early stage mock-up), however, it only populates the linked ‘Data Table’ cell for a few seconds and then disappears out of it.

What I want to happen, is for any entry Date and Time chosen, using the ‘Date Picker’, to stick in the ‘Data Table’ upon tapping/clicking the ‘Submit’ button AND for that entry to stay showing in the ‘Visit Date’ field, until or unless I delete it via the ‘Data Table’

So ultimately, let’s keep the Submit button aside, you mean you’re setting a date in the Visit Date column and it doesn’t stick?

I wouldn’t rule the Submit button out.
It’s not a form screen, which means that button must have been manually added.
I’d like to know what the action is on that button… if for no other reason than to rule it out as a cause

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Sure, the ‘Action’ upon tapping/clicking the Submit button is to just ‘go back a screen’ to a list of other people associated within a specifiic group.

Hi @Darren_Murphy , i still hope for a reply to resolve this issue, be most grateful if you can help or advise alternative/work around ? Thanks

mmm, okay. We went backwards and forwards a bit there, and to be honest I still don’t have a clear picture in my mind of your setup. Would you be prepared to temporarily give me access to your team so that I can open the App in the builder and take a look? If I can see it in front of me, I suspect that I might be able to spot the problem fairly quickly. This might save us both a bit of time :man_shrugging:

If you’re okay with that, send me a private message with your Team Invite Link, and I’ll take a look.

Sure, will look into that now :+1:

Done (i think) :slightly_smiling_face: