Date now also adds time?

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I have a Date field in a form, not the Date Time, only Date. However also this field now adds the time to it since a couple of days ago.

Anyone else having that issue?


We’ve been having a bug where the spreadsheet’s date/time format is not respected when writing date/times to the spreadsheet. I suspect that’s the problem here. We’ll fix it soon. Apologies.

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You may already be aware of this but thought I would note that I’m having this issue with dates/times but also with other formats, such as currency formats. Appreciate you’re working on it!

Hey @Mark, is there are any update on this? I’m running into this issue as well. Designated date fields are inputting date + time.

When you say inputting are you talking about what gets saved to the spreadsheet? If so what time is saved? All dates in a spreadsheet have a time component. If no time is entered then it defaults to 00:00.

Sorry wasn’t the best choice of wording. I meant to say the date fields also require a time input, which is not what I’m trying to achieve.

That is one issue, and next is if I try to just input the date and not the time, nothing goes into Sheets cell at all, as you can see below - the cell is empty even though I input a “use by date” of 12/03/2020

It looks like you are using a DateTime component and not a Date component. I just put a couple of components in this app. Here is what they look like. As you can see the one without the time entry saved the time as 00:00:00

The original issue has been fixed a long time ago.

@Euwyn_Goh your issue seems to be, like @George_B is saying, that you’re using a Date/Time component, not a Date component.

To clarify: In Google Sheets there is no such thing as a “date only” value. You can format a date/time value (which is really just a number underneath) as date only, or time only. If you format your whole column in Google Sheets the way you want it, Glide will respect that format when it writes values to that column.

The consequence of this is, however, that if you’ve formatted your column to only show the date, and you input a date and time, it will only show the date. And if your column is formatted to show date and time, and you’re only inputting the date, it will also show a time. This is the best compromise we’ve been able to come up with so far.

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