Datasecurity & privacy issue when copying templates?!

I’ve created a template.
Next I removed all data from the template and I even removed a few columns that were not needed.
However when I publish it and go to the link, it still shows some of the removed columns and data that was in there before and shouldn’t be in there.
Even my personal API key (which I had put in the template for testing and removed it afterward) is still there.
I also don’t see any way to “unpublish” my template which leads me to now having to change my API key since it is publicly exposed. The project is still in test phase, I didn’t share the link yet and it’s only testdata but still this could be a bigger issue when working on a bigger scale.

Here’s a screenrecording about the issue:

This is also related to my other issue with templates: Copying Glide app template doesn't work for a colleague

It seems there’s still some work to do, to get this right? Or am I missing something?

Hello Tim, what happens when you access your template in a fresh window? (incognito tab/window, deleted cash, deleted cookies)

Perhaps your test data is loading in a non-clean version of your browser only because the data was cached.

this is in “incognito mode”:

It stays the same.

and also after clearing browsing data (cache, cookies …) it’s the same …

here’s the url btw: Connected Car Demo App

I’ve changed my API key’s and it’s all dummy data so no worries :wink:

What if you have at least one row of data in the table? Maybe it doesn’t like the fact that it’s empty.

Hi Jeff,

Great idea but to no avail …
I’ve added a line to the database, copied the template and republished it …

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I suppose if I recreated the whole template from scratch with indeed one line of demo data that after copying needs to be deleted this might work. But this is not really ideal. Or Glide would need to reset / duplicate my template …

Yeah it’s definitely weird. My only other thought would be to clear the rows in the existing template. Then duplicate it and create a new template and publish the new template.

@Nuthinking would you have any thoughts on what’s going on here?

Can’t replicate - did this get fixed on your end?