Data stopped showing up - Sheet not responsive

Similar problem, the data not show up in the google sheet after submit the form.

hmm, I also have a similar problem in one of my (Legacy Pro) apps.
In my case it’s related to logging user payments received. It manifests as follows:

  • App admin navigates to “Manage Payments” screen and clicks a button to record a new payment received
  • Admin selects the user who sent the payment from a choice component
  • This goes into a USC, which is used in a relation to the User Profiles sheet
  • A lookup is used through that relation to retrieve the users current balance
  • This is then added to the amount of the incoming payment to calculate the users updated balance

When the Admin submits:

  • A new row is added to a Payments sheet
  • The users balance is updated via that relation to the User Profiles sheet

It’s the very last step that’s consistently failing. I’ve just assumed that it’s that bug (Set Columns via single relation not working) that several others have mentioned. I’m using a trigger script to work around it at the moment, but looking forward to it being fixed.

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hahaha, @kyleheney I have to thank you for helping to solve my “bug”.
In typing that response to you describing my scenario, it made me think about my own issue in a different way. And I realised that as a part of the action sequence attached to my Submit button, the user specific columns associated with my form inputs are cleared - including the one that the User Profiles relation is built on!! So as soon as that is cleared, the relation breaks and the Set Column naturally fails.


This confirms in my mind that actions in a “sequence” are not fired sequentially - at least not always.
Which can be a real pitfall, because when you see something presented like this:

…you intuitively expect that those things will happen one after the other, in sequence. But they don’t!!! :scream:

I’d like @Robert_Petitto to weigh in on this… I know in his method to filter inline lists, he stores a user-specific column as a single value, then uses that single value to do the magic. I’ve always wondered why that step… is it necessary to avoid this type of issue (lookup for user-specific)?

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Similar issue.

I realized that the form fill up has not problem to pass the value to google sheet but the problem is the “Screen Column” value would not pass the value to google sheet.

Now it’s happening to me as well. The data shows up in the builder but not in the Sheet.

Oh no! Well it seems like something is wrong and I’m glad it’s not just me. @George_B said that engineering will be looking into this (through my support chat with him) so hopefully it gets resolved soon.

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Same for me. :frowning:

Only reason I use single value is because it’s efficient…,no need to craft template columns in order to create a relation column and then a lookup column.


Thanks @Robert_Petitto. I wasn’t sure if maybe that step was necessary when working with USC and relations. It seems as though others are experiencing this issue too, so I think it’s something else that is the culprit.

The issue seems to have been resolved! Thanks @George_B and the Glide team!

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Hi @kyleheney - it looks like I am facing the same issue as you faced the other day. Suddenly, data stops reflecting to Google Sheet [urgent] - #2 by david

Can you advise on what I can do help get this resolved?

I logged this issue with Support and it was resolved a little while later as they recognized it as something that was wrong not only with my app, but with Glide at the time. I’m not seeing this behaviour on my end right now, so you’re best to reach out to Glide Support so they can check your app to see what might be going on.

Thanks for the quick reply - I have raised it with the support team, waiting to hear from them! Didn’t expect the community to be so active, but glad it is!

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