Data stopped showing up - Sheet not responsive

I am not sure what happened.

Looks like the data looks a bit faded. compared to other sheets. But I deleted a column in my data sheet (that wasn’t being used) and now the app is not recognizing the sheet or pulling the info into the app. It was fine 30 minutes ago. The data is still there but it is not showing up in app. I can write to it but it is not in my tab. I am breathing. I am breathing.

I’m having a similar issue since about 3 hours ago. Form submissions aren’t showing up in my GSheet. They are showing up in the Editor, but after a few minutes, the Editor syncs with the GSheet and my previously submitted row is removed!

I’ve tried duplicating the app, changing the data source to a new version of the GSheet, and refreshing my browser multiple times. The only think I can think of is that I had an Action with a Zapier in it and I removed that action. I switched back to regular form submission (with no additional actions) and the issue is still happening. The only thing I haven’t tried is completely redoing the form (and form button) itself, but I’m trying to avoid doing that.

All the design work for that tab and subsequent forms are gone and have to be redone. I duplicated the data to another sheet and using that as the source. Just gonna spend my Friday eve redoing it I guess.

I think I’m going to go ahead and do something similar. A new form button seems to be working, so something corrupted with the original form button/process I made.

Scratch that… seems to have stopped again! What is going on?!

On browser refresh, the previously entered rows are removed. They never made it over to the GSheet either, so the refresh seems to do a sync back to the sheet and ends up removing the rows from the Editor.

Not sure what is happening. If anyone can try to submit the form, I’ll be able to see if it went through. Feel free to enter any information in the form itself. Appreciate any help testing this!

submitted (2) entries

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Nothing in the editor or the sheet. Thank you for trying!

@Mark is there a way to somehow reconnect an app and a sheet that seem to have been disconnected?!

Support link: Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets

Also submitted 2 entries. This looks a lot like the set column through a relation issue. At least it acts the same way. Reloaded the app and my entries are gone. Seems like they only temporarily get stored locally and don’t make it to the glide server. Reloading the app refreshes the local database cache.

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The thing is, this is a very basic form and there are no additional actions that are happening when the form is submitted. It uses user-specific choices that get passed to a form that gets submitted. I do some rollups afterwards, but initially, the submissions should have no reason not to go through. I’m stumped!

Also, thanks for testing. I also never saw your entries on my side (editor or sheet).

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Okay weird thing just happened… I changed the form’s title from “Form” to something custom. The next submission went through (to the Sheet too!). Now though, it’s back to not working… so it works for the first submission only (after adding or editing the form button)…

Edit: just changed the form’s title again and it didn’t “re-energize” the form… still not accepting responses.

I submitted…

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Thanks! … nothing though.

Also submitted an entry. It does show the result in the app though.

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Thanks for trying @ThinhDinh ! I don’t see it on my end. If you go back into the app and search for your entry, it likely won’t be there anymore.

Yeah true…

I tried making the app copy-able so I could use it in my other Glide account — I thought maybe the account I’m using for the original was corrupted or flagged for some reason). The copied app also has the same issue. Nothing is submitted to the sheet or editor.

Okay I seem to have got it working. It is related to trying to pull through a screen column. The particular screen column that is not passing through is a Lookup Column that is generated after a user-specific choice is made. The Date choice has a value of its row ID (display of its text), then I use a relation to lookup the Date text that is associated with the Row ID. I then have access to that date text value in the Screen Column section of the form. For some reason though, if I add that screen column value and assign to a column in my Submissions sheet, the submissions don’t go through at all. Removing that screen column means I can submit the form… But without the Date text (which I want to use in a Zapier email action eventually — once the submissions are working, I’ll make an action on form submit).

Am I getting the looked up value from the user-specific column wrong? Is there a better way? I’ve seen @Robert_Petitto use Single Value columns with user-specific columns to seemingly lock in the value… is that was is necessary?

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Similar problem, the data not show up in the google sheet after submit the form.