Data rows in Glide

25,000 lines of data is not enough. I need to build an internal application for a company, but the company enters an average of 250 records per day. Does Glide offer any alternative to increase the number of lines?

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that’s right, there is the enterprise plan where you are connected to a more robust database and could connect through an api with an internal system that you already use

The enterprise plan does not offer more than 25k rows.


thanks for clarifying

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Does this mean that regardless of the plan chosen, there will always be 25 thousand lines of data?

The 25k limit is not enforced. At the moment it’s merely a suggestion because as you approach 25k rows you will likely hit a bottleneck. (Even well before depending on the complexity of your app) It’s possible that Glide will enforce this limit later on but hopefully they will raise the limit because of improvements to their technology and pricing plans. I can’t say for sure.

Will they be using the GlideApp to add these records or does it come from another source?

You may want to consider using =filter to bring into Glide only what’s necessary.

I.e. the last 7 days

Glide only counts rows that are used in someway by your app. It’s possible to have many more rows that exist in your database. @Uzo is demonstrating it’s possible to have over 160k rows in GSheet and still have under 500 rows counted by glide.

Glide itself will be used to enter the data.