Data Relation Error?

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Hi, not sure if this is a bug, or if I’m setting this up wrong in Sheets. But here it is: I want to display badges that staff members have earned. I want to be able to show multiple badges per teacher if they’ve earned multiple badges. So, here’s how I set it up in Sheets…

If you notice, I have Badge 1, Badge 2, Badge 3, etc. Not pictured is the separate tab that I created that lists the Badge names, descriptions, and Badge image.

I provided an update below

I also have staff members that speak multiple languages, which you can see in see in the Sheets screenshot above. So, here’s what’s been generated in the Data tab. Keep in mind that I have not even created a Badges relation, even though it’s being displayed in Data. And for some reason, it’s not allowing me to edit it, or delete it.

UPDATE: I deleted the Languages 2 column, and changed the Languages 1 header back to Language, and it removed the 2 relation columns, including the one I couldn’t edit. Same thing for Badges… I deleted the Badge 2, Badge 3, Badge 4, Badge 5 columns, and then renamed the Badge 1 header to Badge. And it resolved the issue. So, here’s my next question then…

How can I set it headers within Sheets to display multiple languages and badges for a staff member?

By naming your columns Badge 1, Badge 2… Glide automatically creates an array combining those columns. Change your naming convention to 1st Badge, 2nd Badge, etc, and that shoudl solve your problem.

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Numbering columns consecutively will create an array column in glide. It’s not a relation although the icon is similar. Underneath it’s still Badge 1, Badge 2, etc.

Great, thanks so much. I’ll let you know if I have any other issues.

One more question: After renaming headers to 1st Badge, 2nd Badge, etc., do I then need to setup multiple relation for all those columns? Or how should I set this up?

Because I’d like to set it up within the app (I’m guessing with an inline list) to where it only displays the badge images that staff members have earned underneath a Basic Text of “Badges earned”.

If you still want a multi relation, then I would name the columns like you had it before and use the array column generated for your relation to another sheet.

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Is there a video that Glide has created for using arrays?

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I agree with @Jeff_Hager.


Boom. Just set it up. You guys rock!