Kindly Help! Need help with "Relation" column

Hello guys, I am trying to create an App in Glide and I am really impressed with the Tool.
I am working on an app wherein, I need to show details of a Company, their Directors, Meetings of Directors in which they are members, their presence/absence in such meeting.

I could link various committees with the Directors using “Relation” but I am stuck with meeting dates. I need help if someone can help me.

What exactly I want to do.
There is One Company and it has Four Directors, there are 5 committees of such Directors with not all four directors as members of such committee.

I want to show, when I click on any particular Director, it should show all the committees in which he is a member, plus, all meetings of such committees he attended in past. Other way round, when I click on a particular committee, it should show the names of all members (directors), and all the past meeting dates.

I am not sure if ARRAY column can be useful or not.

Kindly help. Thank you for advance.

I don’t think this is related to ARRAY column, rather how you set up multiple sheets to achieve a multi-level thing like you want.

I would use multiple sheets:
#1 Directors with a key ID (I usually use their Email Address)
Columns: User Email, Name, etc.
Make a Relation from #1 to #2 and #1 to #3 based on User Email.

#2 Committee Membership
Columns: User Email, Committee, Date Joined,

#3 Meeting Invites
Columns: User Email, Committee, Meeting Date/Time, Attend/Apology

#4 List of Committees
Columns: Committee, Description
Make a Relation from #4 to #2, #4 to #3 based on Committee.

The rest is about making the view/user interface.
Hope that helps.


Thank you @Spellytics. I would check and reply if that helps. Really appreciate your response on this.

@Spellytics, in your example, in Sheet #2, can use ARRAY (like, Committee 1, Committee 2, Committee 3) column again each director to show his membership in these committee? Will that be helpful.
I am sorry to ask you few more questions as I am new to Glide.

Thank you

Hey there, Let me see if I can give you a hand with this. I’ve been where you are not knowing and others helped me through it…

But for privacy and visibility will be in your control because I don’t know…
Who is doing the data entry for the following data? As it will affect how you do this relation.
Who is inputting the Data for Director information. Is it you or the director?______
Who is inputting Data for Meetings you or director _______
Who is inputting Data for Director Membership you or director_________

Who are you showing this data to? _________
is it only for you, or for the public or for you and the directors or for you and the public.
All this information matter when you create the type of relation you are trying.
But not knowing all this information i’m still going to give you a shot in the dark at this.

  1. Create a sheet for each relation you want to connect.
    Create a director sheet. Columns - Name, Image, Email, Committee, Meetings, IDKEY
    Create a meeting Sheet - Columns - Meeting Name,Date, Details, Image IDKEY
    Create a meeting attendance Sheet - Attendee, Email, Meeting Name, Image, IDKEY
    Create a Committee sheet - Columns - Committe Name, Details, Image, IDKEY


Click the relation icon and setup the relationship between each table.

  1. Select Director Sheet + Select Create new Column - Relation (“Committee” is related to Commitee Sheet “Name”,
  2. Continue creating all the connections where similiar informatino will appear.
  3. Make relationships between all data according to how you want them to be related.

If you want to show members who went to a meeting, create a relationship between members and Meeting attendance emails. And If you want to show who’s part of a committee create a relationship between Directors and Committee. The goal is to match whatever is common between the two tables.

Director Sheet (Email is related to Email in Attendance Sheet)
Meeting Sheet (Meeting Name is related to Meeting name in attendance Sheet)
Director Sheet (Committee Name is related to Committee Name in Committee sheet)
And so on and so on…


Great to see all the other detailed help. If you still need some help then you can come back here with questions, in that case I will make a test app to detail the flow for you and you can copy it.

Dear @Lighted_Candle, thank you for detailed explanation. This was really helpful.

I could achieve what I wanted. I actually used ARRAY of columns with Relation Column (I checked this one in GlideApps Conference App tutorial).

Home Tab

  1. Basic Details about Company
  2. List of Directors

Directors Tab
It is showing list of Directors with photos. Now, when I click on a particular Director, it shows

  1. His/Her basic details
  2. List of Committee in which he is member
  3. All recent meetings he attended

Types of Meeting Tab
It shows list of types of meeting. When I click on a particular type, it shows

  1. All Members of this Meeting
  2. Dates of this type of meeting held
  3. When I click on a particular date of meeting (point 2 above), it shows me “Location of Meeting”, “List of Present Director” and “List of Directors who are members but could not attend it”.

Recent Meeting Tab
This shows list of all the meetings held recently with date and type of meetings and when I click on any particular meeting, it will show “Location of Meeting”, “List of Present Director” and “List of Directors who are members but could not attend it”. (similar to point 3 above)

Thank you so much everyone for the help. That helped a lot.