Data Math Column & Overdata delaying Glide

Sorry guys, but I’m really pissed-off with Glide nowadays because of these two points.

I’ve done some math columns to calculate multiple columns for a client app, and i had just to REDO exactly EVERY SINGLE COLUMN.

I don’t know if you all were updating something, but this couldn’t happen and break all apps.

Excluding the fact of the constant delay of the platform nowadays.


Hope this all get fixed.

May I ask what happened to your columns to cause you to have to redo them?

@Lucas_Pires What happened to your Math columns?

They had gone for a while

I’m very sorry. I’d like to figure out the cause of that.

Did it just happened without any action on your part? Did you have a yellow triangle sheet reload? Or did you reconfigure some columns and then it happened?

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Hey @Mark! Well, when it happens some columns just had gone. I try to reload the page and etc, but after a while, the columns appeared again. Sorry for that.

But the delay in the platform is a thing I still feel

That’s odd. Could you make a video if it happens again?

What specifically are the delays you mention?

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Ok! I don’t know if it’s only for me but have you ever tried create 2 columns in a row?

Like when I create a new column, edit and press done, so far so good, ok. When I create the second one shortly thereafter, the first one get gone :frowning:

But… when I create and wait like 5 secs, it doesn’t disappear and I can create the second normally

Interesting facts :sweat_smile:

Could you make a video of that, please?