Data inserted into not supposed cells

I make a form and already set which columns I want the values to be inserted however, the values inserted somehow also inserted in another column. Why is that?

Most likely because something isn’t configured correctly. Can you share screen shots that show how you have it configured please?

Sure attached is one example of the things I tried to inserted

Here it shows the data were inserted in 2 columns instead, it only supposed to be inserted in column named ‘Nama Pengadu’

The catch is it only happens to the data I used to extract using User Profile(in the Users table in Glide). For the data that is non existent and need user to insert the value, the duplicate data did not happen

So does any component in the form write to the “No. Arahan Kerja” column?

What type of column is that? Can you show me what it looks like in the Glide Data Editor?
Also, could you show a screenshot that shows the full list of form components? (from the builder left hand panel)

Nothing were supposed to write in the “No. Arahan Kerja” column.

Column Type is text in Appsheet. From there Appsheet will insert values in the column automatically after being edited by user.

Glide editor

List of form components (not all)

There’s your problem.

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Damn I feel so stupid :'). Thank you for pointing that out

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