Building Project Feature in a CRM: Need Help with Form Data Issues 🤔

I made a video to walk through a big issue I’m having as I submit a form in my app.

I’m creating a flow in a CRM-like app where a new project is initiated for one of 4 different service types. The issues I’m having include:

  1. As new rows are added, Glide seems to be adding 2 rows for the same data
  2. The two tables are not linking properly as a new project is kicked off via the form completion

Without entirely grasping the entire app and desired functions… I think I know at least one of your main issues, and pardon me if this isn’t the case and your issue is more complicated…

When you hit submit, you are creating a new row. The data from the form… all the entry components as well as the resident ID you have under column data from screen data, is what creates the new row. Then in your action, you’re creating new rows unnecessarily.

Your duplicate rows are almost certainly because you have an Add Row onSubmit action. You don’t need that with a form, because a form will always add a new row when it is submitted.

For that column value that’s writing into the wrong column, it looks like you have it configured to write to the wrong column. See below:

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Great catch. What’s interesting is that I go to the dropdown to tell it what column to write to and none fo the options are for the appropriate column.

Bug maybe?

It could be that the column that you’re wanting to write to is not a type that can accept a single value. What does that column look like in the Glide Data Editor?

It is the unique ID from the table. What’s weird is that any “Values from Screen”, which are supposed to be from the person’s profile are returning the same options that are for the service itself. But, if I hover over them in the Insert Component area, it previews the data I want.

I’ve changed my form to a “Set column values” on submit. That seems to fix everything but link to the Service Projects table. I already have a link to that table in this service table, like I do others such as personal IDs, team IDs, but that link doesn’t populate a new service project at all.

Can you show us some screenshots? When you navigate from the user’s profile to the “Project Kickoff” screen, is it still on the same user table/row?