Struggling with CRM feature

I’m building a CRM and I’m struggling with adding a feature I’d like to have as part of it.

I want to have a relational database for leads/prospects/contacts and the contact logs.

One prospect ↔️ many contact logs

Any ideas as to how to best do this?

What I attempted was adding a Form Button on the contact’s profile as shown in the image. But, Glide isn’t populating the right attributes into the form. Some show up, and some don’t. When I attempt to modify the list of attributes, it doesn’t seem to help.

Should I be using a different type of component?

what do you mean by right attributes… ?

what is the workflow?

Form should work okay. You’ll want to leverage screen values to auto populate prospect info for each contact log entry.

Older documentation, but concept is the same:

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By attributes, I mean the data to enter into a table.

Here’s a link to an overview I made with Loom.

Thank you @Robert_Petitto . That article helps.

My first rodeo here so I’m learning. Trying to get over the hump as I build this.

Hi… I watch your video, and still do not understand what is your goal, so let me simplify…
You are trying to create an App for stuff to update user info?
general advice… try to make everything on one sheet… so you do not have to deal with relations… just add as many columns as you need, I have sheets with over 200 columns, so don’t be afraid of it… having everything in one place is a huge advantage.

I think you might have some confusion with how forms work. First thing to realize is that forms are designed to add rows on their own. On Submit actions are anything you want to perform IN ADDITION to the form already writing a row. I think what you have done is add a redundant action by adding an Add Row action On Submit. The form already adds rows as that is what it is designed to do.

The second thing is that I personally tend to steer away from using any On Submit actions unless absolutely necessary. At most I might use On Submit to show a notification, or navigate to a different screen or tab, or simply use the Go Back action if needed. Sometimes you may need to add or update rows in a secondary table as opposed to the table that the form is writing to, but that doesn’t seem to be your case here.

I would take another look at the link that @Robert_Petitto shared. The screeshots are old, so most of that functionality is on the left hand side of the screen now. You can add COMPONENTS to a form which will retrieve values from the parent table that contains the form button, or from the user profile, or there are special values that you can add. These are components that are not visible on the screen, but you can use them to pass values through the form. These write values when the new row is added. Anything you do with On Submit affects data AFTER a row is added.

You can also set default values for any components you have on the screen.


@JackVaughan Documentation could be updated for this topic. I refer to this page often, actually.


Yep! On our list! :sweat_smile:

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Thank you very much for the help @Robert_Petitto and @Jeff_Hager. I think I figured it out.

All I need to figure out next is how I can get one of my unique attributes (a customer ID) to auto-populate into my from.

I’m going from a contact’s profile page and then clicking a button that takes me to a form to log the details of my call. I am struggling with having to not manually enter in the customer ID on that form.

Once I’ve got that solved, I’m ready to rock.

That customer ID should be one of the available Values components that you can add to your form, as we described earlier. If your form button is on the Contact detail screen, then every single value in that contact table should be available as a Value component. No need for a user to manually enter anything.