Form prompting for data I want it to point to automatically

I’m on a details page within my CRM and I have a “add a Delegate” button that would allow for the users to add a person (Delegate) associated with the customer.

I’d like for the customer, whose page we are currently on, to automatically be associated with this delegate. I currently need to select that person in the dropdown on the form otherwise the relation doesn’t work.

My database is Airtable. I did go into the Glide Data Editor to add a relation between the two tables, as well as a lookup, but I can’t get the component to point to the relation or lookup.

The dropdown works ok in the form but in my dreamworld, the app recognizes the customer ID and applies it to the delegate.

I think you could do that with a ‘set column value’ tied to the action that opens your side in. Set the value of the customer ID to the column that holds your customer ID choice for the form… at which point you could even get rid of the choice component altogether or possibly replace it with text… depending on your goals.

Actually, I don’t even think he needs to do that.

That looks like a native form, so he should be able to use a Column Value.