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I have an app for my company which, amongst other things, enables me to keep a track of my customers products that i have sold them as well as products competitors have sold them.

Within the 2 pics attached you will see the results and how.

My source sheet has a number of fields eg Product code, name, description and price. I’m adding the product to the customer file by a custom form. I am choosing a field from the source sheet using a choice component eg Product name. When I select the product name I want it to auto populate the additional fields if i have them eg Product code, description and price but I can’t seem to be able to figure out how to do that or even if you can.

Could somebody help me with this?


First guess:
Make a relation in “CompanyConsumables” to “Consumables” based on the name columns in both tables. Then lookup column values which should be autocompleted. I think glide can immediately use the value in the choice component even before submission.
You might need some visibility conditions in the form and some if-then-else columns in your “companyConsumables” table.
Edit: if you can’t immediately use the value of the choice component for the relation: configure a custom form with the help of custom actions setting values in user-specific columns shown on new screens.

Thanks for your reply…I’m not sure I get it completely but are you talking about lookup column in the Glidesheet? ie for example: Make the description column a lookup and essentially if the name in the customer consumable sheet matches the consumable sheet name then enter the description data from the matching row…??

yes lookup columns in glide. But then it is not shown in the form.
If you want to have it in the form, you can make 2 choice components: 1st with name; 2nd with description; both drawing data from the “consumables” table, and the 2nd choice component has filtered data based on the screen variable of the 1st choice component.

You can use action after submitting the form, to set values into other columns

Thank you for the replies…I have to say I’m struggling a little to understand . Do you know if there are any templates I can see to explain why your talking about?

the form has an “on submit” action, you can add values after is submitted

Awesome thank you…I used the lookup column and it seems to be working well but I will experiment with this too.
Appreciate the help…I might need to hire someone to refine and clean it up soon.

Hey! Let me know to jump on a call and see if we’re a good fit for helping you.
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