How can I display info from a lookup/relation in a form?

Hi, we are working on a form to entry information of the production line and also display information about the a product that is being under production for the benefit of the user that is entering the information in the form. So for example I have a “products” table with all the details of the production of each product (key) an a form table. I’ve created a form with a choice column that is linked to the “form” table and I have relations and lookups from the “products” table. Now if the user selects product A from the choice column of the form I need that some columns of the form autopopulate from the information that is listed in the products table. Is that possible in glide? Hope I was clear since is my first post thanks

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So you have a Products Table and a Forms Table. And then in your form that creates records in the forms table you have a choice component to select the product for that record and after creating you need to get that added product’s other details to the Forms table. Correct?

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Hi Dilon, thanks for the quick reply! Yes, basically the user selects the product in the form through the choice component. Once selected I need that some columns of the products table autopopulate to the form so the user can see for example suggested temperature and specific details of “X” product. Then the user knows if he needs to increase o decrease the temperature of the production line and also introduce the actual temperature once produced but for the actual temperatue for example I have an specific column in the form as a data entry field so once the form is submitted we can make our analysis. That’s a quick example


Unfortunately, the relations don’t work in a native form, I have suffered that pain/feeling before :innocent:

Your plan B is create a custom form, this thread can help you better (another $1 for Darren :rofl:) How do I create a custom form?


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Gustavo you beat me! :sweat_smile:

@Glideargext what Gustavo mentioned! :muscle: When you add the text property the lookup is not available. But one idea if you use the form screen is use a inline list and connect that to the products table and filter that by the screen value? :eyes:

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Thank you guys! I’ll try that. And based on your experience, is there any other app that can perform this relations in a native form? thanks again for the help!

As far as I know, not @Glideargext

The Choice component has the same problem if you try to use it with a relation inside a form.

The good news is that custom forms can give more options and freedom to do complex things if you want.