Adding a new row in relation table


I’m TJ and I just started building a Glide App two weeks ago. I would like to ask the community if there is a better approach on how to save a field i.e. contact email inside the relation table.

Click Contact - Add Activity - Save with the Activity and the contact email.

My issue:
I will need to take another step to select from the list of contacts so I can get the email and save it to my Contact-Activity Relation Table.

Here’s a recording

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Thank you!

There’s a couple if ways. The harder way would be to temporarily store the email of the contact that was selected, into the current user’s profile.

But looking at you video, it looks like you have an Add Activity button and a View Activity button. If the add activity button is used to open a form, then you should already have access to column values contained in the contacts sheet to use in the form. Looks like your alternative is to view a list of activities and use the add button instead to add activities. So would it be true that you currently have two different methods to add new activities?

I’m thinking a restructure of your app flow a little bit. Either lose the View Activities button and instead show a list of activities directly on the contact screen (then use the existing Add button you already have). Or change your View button to be a Link to Screen ‘This Item’ screen, which will give you a second version of the same contact details. Here you can delete all components and add a form button to add new activities and an inline list yo view a list. The form should still allow you to directly pass through the contact email of the current contact you are viewing without having to manually select it.


Thanks for these suggestions.

I tried the solutions, but I am still having a hard time working out a simple and fewer clicks.

So my existing workaround:

Open contact - New Activity (this triggers a new row with set columns)

Then it opens the list of activities.

I will need to open the new activity and edit it.

This way, I was able to save the email from Contact to the Activity table. This email is the link between these two tables.

What do you think?

Here’s the recording

Thank you!

I would use a form button or the open form action instead of add row. Then the user can fill out the form entirely before even writing the row to the sheet.

So did not give up, and slept on it :slight_smile:

I created a form, then i realized that the column components are already there and I don’t need to look for a way to link them together. It’s already bringing the values from the previous screen.

Here’s the recording

Thanks @Jeff_Hager

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