Data Grid Enhancements

I have been experimenting with the various Collection components we have and the Data Grid is perfect for displaying information that you might find on Invoices or Orders (Order Items for example) but I’ve experienced a few limitations. I know someone else already raised issues with Item Linking, Choice components etc and Row specific actions so I won’t raise these here again (but they would be cool)

The limitation that I’ve found is that the data grid component won’t display multi line text and its not possible to specify alignment for the columns.

In my use case the client has a Product that has a long product name that is entered with line breaks and spans over multiple lines and doesn’t make sense to show simply as one line. The Data Grid component only shows the first line (the Table component also can’t handle this).

Alignment would be really helpful for data like financial info so that prices and totals could be right aligned but there doesn’t appear to be any alignment options for the fields.

Is this something that could be easily implemented in these components? It would them even more powerful than they are now. Thanks