Data Grid - Feature Requests

The current Data Grid component is a welcome feature but is essentially a plain spreadsheet and more functionality would turbocharge it! :racing_car::dash: I’m aware of the improved table component with more columns coming soon, but there will always be a place and need for a spreadsheet like component for viewing dense data.

Data Grid Feature Requests:

  • Color Columns, Rows and Cells - option to choose the colour of whole columns, rows or specific cells.
  • Borders - control border width and colour for specific columns and rows.
  • Bold Text
  • Per Column Sorting

These features will make the Data Grid easier to digest visually when viewing lots of data.
Feel free to add your requests for the Data Grid below.


I would like to be able to specify the editing component used in each column. For example, allow developer to specify a choice component or date component… for each column. Currently, we can make data editable, when that is turned on allow selection and configuration of a editing component.