Here is a proposal for the new functionality in Glide Data Grid

Proposal for New Feature: Conditional Formatting in Data Grid

Introduce a new feature in GlideApps’ Data Grid component to enable conditional formatting based on specific cell values, thereby enhancing the visual representation and user experience in data-driven applications.

The Conditional Formatting feature would allow users to set rules for changing the background color, text color, or displaying icons in cells within the Data Grid, based on specific values or criteria. This functionality aims to improve data readability and draw attention to important data points, making it easier for users to quickly interpret and analyze information.

Key Features:

  1. Rule-Based Formatting:

    • Users can define rules to change the appearance of cells based on the values or conditions (e.g., if a cell value exceeds a threshold or matches a specific string).
  2. Customizable Styles:

    • Options to customize background color, text color, and font style.
    • Ability to display icons or images within cells based on conditions.
  3. Dynamic Updates:

    • Conditional formatting rules dynamically update as data changes, ensuring real-time visual feedback.


  1. Enhanced Data Visualization:

    • Makes key data points stand out, facilitating quicker decision-making and analysis.
  2. Improved User Experience:

    • Provides a more intuitive and engaging interface for users interacting with large data sets.
  3. Increased Flexibility:

    • Allows users to tailor the Data Grid appearance to fit their specific use cases and requirements.

Use Cases:

  1. Financial Dashboards:

    • Highlighting cells with budget overruns or profit margins exceeding targets.
  2. Project Management:

    • Marking task statuses with different colors to indicate progress or delays.
  3. Sales Reports:

    • Displaying high-performing sales regions with distinct visual cues.

Implementation Example:

  1. Setup Rules:

    • Users create rules in the Data Editor, specifying conditions (e.g., if cell >= 100 then background color = green).
  2. Styling Options:

    • Selection of custom colors, icons, or text styles for each rule.
  3. Integration with Data Grid:

    • Conditional formatting rules are applied to the Data Grid component, automatically updating based on real-time data.

Introducing Conditional Formatting in the Data Grid component will significantly enhance the usability and visual appeal of GlideApps, making it an even more powerful tool for creating data-driven applications. This feature aligns with the goal of providing users with flexible, intuitive, and effective ways to visualize and interact with their data.

This proposal outlines the purpose, features, benefits, and use cases of the Conditional Formatting functionality for the Data Grid in GlideApps.

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Great request writeup. Thanks @idevnva!

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Love this!
Conditional colouring of cells and columns would be awesome.

I’d add the option to freeze columns and header rows to the list.

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Sorely missing a solution with conditional formatting