Data / Google Sheet / App UX all have different data!

My app’s URL: Glide

I have a sheet ‘Agent’ with a column ‘Agent Email’ and another ‘Agent Email Stored’ (used to collect stored values)

  • the Agent Email column is one of the Row Owners too (in case this might explain things…) – and is used for the Private Pro access control (so important!)

When you create or edit the Agent form, you edit the ‘Stored’ value, and then ‘On Submit’ the value gets written to Agent Email (if ‘agent status’ = Active), and if editing and the status switches from Active, the value gets cleared in ‘Agent Email’.


We see the data changing correctly in the app
We see blank values in the Data Editor – and in the Google Sheet

What is going on?? Thanks! M

What’s the purpose of Agent Email Stored? (sounds like you’re using that as an alternative to a User Specific Column for temporary storage?)
Would I see this behaviour in our shared copy of the app, or are these new changes that you’ve made?

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