Data editor question

My app is like a directory.
As such, I have created a category sheet which links to the category column from the main list.
Everytime I add a new business in the main list sheet I have to choose the category it belongs to. In google sheets i’m able to create a drop down selection with the categories for that whole row.
Is the glideapps native data editor also able to do that?

Not in the editor, but if you add an option within you app to add new rows, then you can use a choice component to choose from all of the possible categories when adding a new record. Might be better to build it into the app, so you can add new businesses any time without the need to open the data editor to maintain it.

Thank you for the reply. I did manage to add it in the app for when people want to add new businesses themselves.
To start I need to add businesses myself manually, the process is faster by laptop. Not a major issue but figured I’d ask still.
I appreciate the time, thank you

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If it helps, you should be able to copy and paste text into the data editor. So if you have data in a google sheet you can copy and paste, which would help speed things up a little. Also, I’m assuming that you are using a glide table instead of a google sheet? You can always connect a google sheet if that helps.

I’m using both, reason being is the ability to create that drop down for the category column but the data editor allows me to easily upload the logo to the glide storage.

Ah, that makes sense. I guess I would just use the form in the app to add new businesses just like the users do. You can still do it on your laptop in the published app or in the builder. Otherwise do all the text entry in the google sheet and then upload the images later through the glide data editor. Can’t really think of a better option at this point.


I’ll do that then. Thank you for taking the time, much appreciated!!

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