Data cleared

Below is what I sent to glide support…what is the likelihood that they mysteriously restore some previous state of these tables?

“I duplicated CLAIM BUILDERS app. I do this from time to time to test out things. I ALWAYS duplicate the tables cause i clear most of them out and change a few organization things out. Something happened and it used the existing tables rather than duplicating so when i cleared out all the data from most of the tables and changed the organization table it reflected in the original CLAIM BUILDERS app. So i lost all of our company data…please tell me this can be recovered asap!”

@Darren_Murphy what do you think

What has customer support answered? I would wait for their answer.

nothing yet…this is the worst thing about glide tables…i mean really bad there is not backup or revert option if there is system mistake or a human mistake…like a Samurai sword shopping your fricking head off! So must trust is given by us collectively and then they system is no ready for this kind of system error or human error…whoever it falls on…yet we the users much like football fans, we put all our trust in these systems much like football teams with the knowledge that it can really screw us with no backup plan for our soul lololololololol…ddddaaa ffffuuuuuuuuuuuu