Is it possible to restore or roll back data?

Glide app using Glide Tables.
I duplicated the app to show a client how easy it is, changed the colours and app icon, no harm done.

Months later client jumped into duplicated app and started changing and deleting data. A lot of harm done :slight_smile:
The tables are duplicates of ones in their live app, therefore they deleted data in their live app.

Is there a way to restore this data/roll back to a point in time?

Not that Iā€™m aware of, no. You could try logging a Support Ticket, but Iā€™m not sure whether or not they will be able to help.

If the tables are duplicates, then they should be independent copies. Sounds like they are not duplicates, but rather shared tables?

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Yes the app is a duplicate but the tables are not copies, they are linked as you say.

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