Dasboard - The sync with google sheets is greyed

Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 9.16.15 AM

My Dashboard does not allow me to sync with Google sheets - it is semi-greyed and this I noticed after I added a column to one of my Sheets.

What could be the issue?

You Glide window is too small. It’s showing you that you can scroll.

I checked again with a full window browser - no change in situation. Second observation is that the semi-grey(disabled) icon for sync sheets is not just for the app that I was working on but for all apps in the dashboard.

The screed shot that i shared earlier was just a partial view of the whole dashboard.

Not sure i fully understood your response.

Thanks a ton Mark - I got it. It was a wee bit smaller and I did not realise that ICONs Panel was scrollable too…

My bad…