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Hi, I have a workbook that acts as a database for a service we offer to our customers. I have a separate tab in the sheet with a Query code to pull a unique list of customers and email addresses. However, when new customers log into the Glide app, the system pings a fake email address to the bottom of the list, which causes the query code to return an error message saying that it won’t overwrite text in those cells. Then, all of the old customers can’t see what they should be seeing. Is there a way to ping this to a different tab or a different range of cells?

Change your User Profiles sheet to a different one in your User Profile page.


I have a filter set so customers can only see items where the customer name matches the name in the user profile. Will changing the user profile sheet impact that?

As long as you are directly using the actual user profile, and not a relation to the user profile table, then I thinK you should be fine.

Worst case, the filters will still be there, but you’ll have to point back to the user profile again.

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