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Hi all, I posted about this topic earlier, but have some more details now. Here is the link for my first post on this: Customers tab not working. Quick recap: my business offers a service where customers can log into this app and track the status of their submission with us. We keep records of submissions on 3 different tabs, so I have a query formula written to pull a unique customer list with emails in a new tab within the sheet, which is then attached to the user profile page in the app. When a user logs in for the first time, the app pings a fake email address to the bottom of the customers tab. When we add new customers to our database, the query code returns an error since it won’t overwrite the data pinged from the app at the bottom of the list. The issue with this is that we have a filter on where the customer name and email have to match so they only see their submissions on the app. When the formula returns an error, the customer list disappears entirely and then nobody can see anything on the app.

*Sorry if this wasn’t clear enough. Please comment and let me know if you need clarification on anything, or if you have an idea to help.


This is a common error with the way app builder set up their user profile sheets. It’s happened to me when I first started learning how to glide as well. Your user profile sheet should never use formulas to bring in email addresses as they are always subject to break when a new user signs in.

A better option is to avoid using any sort of query or unique formula for your user profile sheet and let the user profile sheet simply accept new users when they sign in. (You can always prepopulate the user sheet with a list of users ahead of time). Then, create a relation column to link the user sheet to your master data sheet and then bring in data using lookup columns.

The only caveat to all of this is that if you are trying to keep a clean user profile sheet by making sure that all of the users in the sheet are active users, you need to have some sort of automation set up to remove user rows from the sheet when there no longer part of the master data sheet.


It sounds like @FRESHPULLZ can do the opposite. Keep a master database of submissions with all 3 “types” then use query to break it down to the 3 separate sheets for clean record keeping. Use the master sheet for Glide, use the queried sheets for other purposes (analytics, perhaps?).

Ya…that would work. In any case, can’t use a unique or query formula to populate a user profile column.

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll try playing around with it a little bit, but is there a way to keep the in-app filter for names or emails without using the query formula to populate the user profile sheet?

Is there a way for you to rebuild the whole thing without using any query formula in your Sheet?

I can try, but I don’t think so. My only issue is coming with the user profile tab, everything else works the way I want it to